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Japanese kitchen knives born From Japanese swords

We often hear from foreign people that “Japanese kitchen knives are as sharp as Japanese swords”. We embrace their expression to the quality of Japanese knives’ manufacturing technology. How many of you know that craftsmen once making Japanese sword have turned into craftsmen for Japanese Knives? Today, we would like to know how they turn into knife world and how Japanese knives has developed through the history of Seki knife, one of the most famous cutlery in Japan.

History that Japanese sword and knife have undergone

I would like to explain some history about the their job change. Japanese sword craftsmen were forced to stop manufacturing sword in 19th century because the government banned to manufacture and hold sword except for only accredited organizations or person who gained permission from the government. This prohibition occurred when Edo Shogunate was defeated and new governors wanted to prevent people to rebel against the new political leaders. Craftsmen once flourished in Japanese sword industry had to close their business and began to dive into knife industry as they were about to make the most of their skills and know-how accumulated in manufacturing the sword.

Another event after World War II accelerated this trend. General Headquarters (GHQ: Allied military agencies that implemented occupation policies in Japan) banned manufacturing Japanese swords abolished the permission to making them, resulting in that all craftsmen lost their job as the sword manufacturers and most of them turning into kitchen knife craftsmen.

This is the short history about the relationship between Japanese swords and kitchen knives, and that is why I wrote on the top that the expression foreign people often use to show their astonishment with the quality of Japanese kitchen knives hits the point. Today, I do want to show you how traditional Japanese kitchen knives are great and elaborated enough to capture your attention and make you want to purchase them.

Recommended Seki Knife for your kitchen

The kitchen knife I introduce on this page is “ITTOSAI-KOTETSU“, manufactured in Gifu prefecture.

Japanese kitchen knife

The main feature of this knife is that it is made of powdered HSS steel, which makes the knife hard and cuts well. In these days when most knives are generally made of stainless steel, the steel is used to increase the hardness, and the appropriately angled blade makes it more sharp. HSS steel is made by adding large amounts of metal components such as chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, and vanadium to steel in order to increase hardness and softening resistance under high temperatures. After heat treatment such as quenching, it is formed by polishing.

This is a very high grade steel for kitchen knives. So, of course, the price will be higher than that of a normal kitchen knife. However, HSS is not only hard but also very durable and antiseptic, so if you use and care for it properly (it tends to rust, so wipe it well after use and apply cooking oil if it will not be used for a while), it will last you a lifetime. No, even the expression “a lifetime” is short. It is one of those knives that can be passed down from parent to child, and from child to grandchild for many years.

Seki knife brand capturing chef all over the world

One factor that shows the excellence of this knife is the fact that it is a traditional Seki knife. Seki knives are a craft developed in Gifu Prefecture. In fact, the world’s famous cutlery producing regions are known as the 3Ss. Solingen in Germany, Sheffield in England, and Seki in Japan. Among them, it is actually called the “World’s Best Knife City”. So why is it the most specialized in kitchen knives? The reason goes back to the Kamakura period. At the end of the Kamakura period (1185-1333), good quality soil, water, and charcoal were discovered in Seki, and people began to use them to make Japanese swords. It is precisely because Seki City is the place where Japanese sword technology has been handed down, as explained earlier, that high-quality kitchen knives are produced.

Surprisingly, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, a world-famous kitchen knife manufacturer, also has a kitchen knife manufacturing plant in Seki to produce kitchen knives by combining its technology with Seki’s traditional craftsmanship.

Products with attention to all details

Another noteworthy feature is the handle of the knife. Since wood is a natural product, each piece of wood has a different grain and pattern, so your kitchen knife is the only one of its kind in the world. And the shape of the handle is “octagonal. The octagonal handle is designed to fit neatly in the crevices of your hands and fingers so that there is little loss of power. You can cut food with light force!

The feel of the natural wood and the shape of the octagon allow you to experience a different level of comfort in holding and cutting than with knife handles made of ordinary industrial raw materials. After my mother used it once, she can’t go back to using ready-made knives. She grew up in Kyoto, one of the most traditional cities in Japan, and still loves to cook Japanese food. Japanese food is delicate in appearance and taste, so if you use a knife to make messy cuts, the flavor will not penetrate well and the color will not be good. Since my mother started using this knife, she is no longer stressed when cutting food and enjoys cooking more.

If you want to enjoy cooking more or make your eaters more happy, then by all means, you can use this knife!

Learn about Seki knife craftmanship

This video is not the manufacturing process of KOTETSU, but you will love this one! It’s SEKI method to manufacture knives.

Here is a video showing the sharpness of Seki’s knives.

I hope you notice how Seki’s knives are of a different level of quality from ordinary knives. It requires a little maintenance from you to bring out the full potential of this knife, but it is sure to make your cooking more enjoyable. If you thought kitchen knives were just a consumable item, I urge you to use Seki’s knives. The Seki brand will surely be useful for those who have always regretted that they are consumables.

There are many different types of knives in the Seki brand, and I will continue to introduce them. If you find one you like, please give it a try. Since they are handmade and one-of-a-kind, selling out is inevitable.

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